Recipes with Chia Pearl Jelly

Chia Pearl Jelly is a collection of all natural spreads with fruit and chia pearls. All spreads from the collection are refined sugar-free with chia seeds rich in Omega-3. They have no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors added. They are also GMO and gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

Here are a few delicious recipes with Chia Pearl Jelly we hope you would like.

RECIPE 1: Homemade croissant with butter and Chia Pearl Jelly Pomegranate & Raspberry

Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite breakfast – a French croissant! But this time we serve it with chia pearl jelly filling with a scent of pomegranate and raspberries.

What products do you need?

– croissant dough – 500g
Chia Pearl Jelly with pomegranate and raspberries

How to prepare it? 

Cut the dough into triangles. At the base add Chia Pearl Jelly and roll it. After that glazed with an egg and bake at 220-250 degrees Celcius.

RECIPE 2: Fresh salad with Gorgonzola, citrus dressing, and Chia Pearl Jelly Orange & Ginger

What products do you need?

– a mix of seasonal lettuce
– dressing prepared from Chia Pearl Jelly Orange & Ginger, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
– gorgonzola
– orange

You can go with another dressing – chia jelly with additionally added pieces of orange and orange juice.

RECIPE 3: Jelly yoghurt with a liquid center of Chia Pearl Jelly Rose

Yoghurt with jam – a favorite taste, right? How about we spice it up a bit – with an original recipe of jelly yoghurt with a liquid jam center?

What products do you need?

– yoghurt – 500g
– sugar – 150g
– gelatin – 10g
Chia Pearl Jelly Damascene Rose – 150g.

How to prepare it?

Mix the yogurt with the crystal sugar until it dissolves. Add pre-diluted melted gelatin (1:5). Distribute the mixture into molds and place chia jelly in the center of the mold. Leave it for a bit and then put the rest of yoghurt mixture. Then store it at 0-4 degrees Celsius. When it’s done turn it upside down in a plate, and garnish it with jelly, powdered sugar, mint leaves and fruit of choice.


Easy, right? Bon Appetit!